Notices - Public Notices 2010

Sr. No. Notice No. Date Subject Download
1 PUBLIC NOTICE NO.34/2010-11/CCP/JMR  08-12-2010  Anti Dumping Duty on parts/components of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) from China and Hong Kong as per Customs Notification No.138/2002-Customs dated 10.12.2002 -M/r 
2 PUBLIC NOTICE NO.33/2010-11/CCP/JMR  01-12-2010  Classification of PXI Controllers, Input/Output Modules, Signal Converters and Chassis and its parts-regarding -M/r 
3 32/2010-11/CCP/JMR  02-11-2010  Revised Form of Bond to be furnished for availing duty exemption under Advance License and EPCG Schemes – reg. 
4 31/2010-11/CCP/JMR  21-10-2010  Drawback on supplies made by DTA units to SEZ, issue of drawback cheque books by jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs to Central Excise Commissionerates -M/r 
5 PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 30/2010-11/CCP/JMR  30-09-2010  Sub:- Examination under Regulation ‘8’ of the Custom House Agents Licensing Regulation-2004 to be held on 03.11.2010: m/r: 
6 29/2010-11/CCP/JMR  29-09-2010  Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), 2009-14 -M/r 
7 28/2010-11/CCP/JMR  27-09-2010  Conversion of free shipping bills to export promotion scheme shipping bills and conversion of shipping bills from one scheme to another -M/r 
8 27/2010-11/CCP/JMR  24-09-2010  All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2010-11 -M/r 
9 26/2010-11/CCP/JMR  24-09-2010  Refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4 % Special CVD) in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-customs dated 14.09.2007 – Applicability to manufacturers in textile sector -M/r 
10 25/2010-11/CCP/JMR  14-09-2010  Import of Boric Acid-Clarification-M/r