About Jamnagar City

Jamnagar was founded in 1540 A.D by Jam Raval, a Jadeja Rajput leader who migrated from Kutch. Jamnagar was the capital of the prosperous princely state of Nawanagar for four centuries. Jamnagar is also known as the 'Jewel of Kathiawad'. It is a coastal town about 300 kms west of Ahmedabad and 92 kms. from Rajkot.

Jamnagar is the hometown of the world famous cricketers Ranjit Sinh and Duleep Sinh after whom the Ranji and Duleep Trophy are named in domestic Indian cricket tournaments.

Jamnagar is known for its tie & dye work on fabrics, silken & gold embroidery and brass article work.

The places like Pratap Vilas Palace, Ranmal Talav, Bhujia Kotha and blend of other old and ancient monuments and broad streets, imposing facades and squares make Jamnagar as one of the most beautiful cities in the Saurashtra region.

In addition to above `PIROTAN ISLAND' - only one MARINE NATIONAL PARK of its kind in India is situated almost 16 Nautical Miles away in Arabian Sea from sea coast of Jamnagar. Area of the island is almost 3.0 square kilo meters, and covered with Marine Trees, dense forest - "Mangroves". The Pirotan Island has beautiful scenarios, and Majestic view of Sunrise and Sunset.

The entire forest & coral reef Island have various marine lives, such as various types of marine species like King crabs, Hermit crabs, Ghost crabs, Scorpions, Wiper- Isosceles, Sea snakes, Sea slugs, etc. The forest on island is also good place to watch various species of birds.