EDI Functional Details

In order to facilitate the trade, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) at all the customs formations (where import/export takes place) situated within the jurisdiction of this Commissionerate, have been implemented.

Details of all such location are as under:

Sr. No. Location Code Name of the Customs formation
1 INPAV1 Custom House, Pipavav
2 INBHU1 Custom House, Bhavnagar
3 INALA1 SBY, Alang
4 INPBD1 Custom House, Porbandar
5 INSIK1 Custom House, Sikka
6 INVAD1 Custom House, Vadinar
7 INOKH1 Custom House, Okha
8 INNAV1 Custom House, Navlakhi
9 INBED1 Custom House, Jamnagar
10 INJGA4 Air Force, Jamnagar
11 INMDK1 Muldwarka
12 INSAL1 C.H. EBTSL, Salaya