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Notice No



268  Public Notice No. 17/2016  26/12/2016  Invitation of applications for empanelment of chartered Engineers for examination/valuation of second hand machinary/Goods etc. in the jurisdiction of the Commissioner of customs(Preventive), Jamnagar 
273  Public Notice No. 16/2016  09/12/2016  Streamline the Boarding procedure 
267  Public Notice No. 15/2016  05/12/2016  Reducing/Eliminating printouts in customs clearance 
266  Public Notice No. 14/2016  05/12/2016  Dispensing off the requirement of Mate Receipt 
265  VIII/48-71/Cus-T/05-06/Pt-I  17/10/2016  Customs Notification No. 10/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
264  Public Notice No. 13/2016  03/10/2016  Public Notice of Customs Brokers Examination 
262  VIII/48-05/Cus-T/2014-15  23/09/2016  Customs Notification No. 08/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
261  VIII/48-05/Cus-T/2014-15  23/09/2016  Customs Notification No. 07/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
263  VIII/48-57/Cus-T/2016  22/09/2016  Facility Notice No. 03/2016 
260  VIII/48-90/Cus-T/2016  21/09/2016  Customs Notification No. 06/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
259  VIII/48-41/Cus-T/2016  14/09/2016  Customs Notification No. 05/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
258  Public Notice No. 12/2016  09/08/2016  Declaration of Result of Oral Examination for F-Card held on 11th, 12th & 13th July, 2016 under regulation 6 of CBLR, 2013. 
257  11/CCP/2016/JMR  04/08/2016  Review of entity based facilitation programmes viz. Accredited Client Programme (ACP) and Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programme. 
256  10/CCP/2016/JMR  15/06/2016  Public Notice No. 10/2016 
275  VIII/48-124/Cus-T/2015-16  08/06/2016  Customs-Setting up of Tax Payer service centre 
255  09/CCP/2016/JMR  07/06/2016  Designation of Central Public Information Officers and Appellate Authority in CBEC under the RTI Act 2008 
254  08/CCP/2016/JMR  27/05/2016  Declaration of Result of Written Examination for F - Card held under regulation 6 of CBLR , 2013 on 28.01.2016 
253  VIII/48-01/Cus-T/2015-16  27/05/2016  Customs Notification No. 04/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
252  VIII/48-01/Cus-T/2015-16  13/05/2016  Customs Notification No. 03/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
251  VIII/48-08/Cus-T/2016  02/05/2016  Customs Notification No. 02/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
250  07/CCP/2016/JMR  29/04/2016  Customs Brokers Examination for G-Card under regulation 17(3) of CBLR, 2013. 
248  VIII/48-46/Cus-T/2014-15  11/04/2016  Facility Notice No. 01/2016/CCP/JMR 
249  06/CCP/2016/JMR  08/04/2016  Issue of Indian Currency Note - Foreign going vessels 
247  05/CCP/2016/JMR  31/03/2016  Implementing Integrated declaration under the Indian Customs single window. 
246  VIII/48-20/Sys/Wingle Window/15-16  28/03/2016  Implementing Integrated declaration under the Indian Customs single window: Training thereof M/reg. 
244  04/CCP/2016/JMR  12/02/2016  Systems Alert for monitoring realization of export proceeds in EDI under the BRC module for ESIC and the new RBI BRC Module introduced under DG(Systems) letter dated 28-08-2014. 
245  VIII/48-08/Cus-T/2016  12/02/2016  Customs Notification No. 01/2016/CCP/Jamnagar 
243  03/2016/CCP/JMR  27/01/2016  Declaration of Result of Oral Examination for G-Card held under regulation 17(3) of CBLR, 2013 on 20.01.2016 
240  02/2016/CCP/JMR  08/01/2016  Initiatives towards good governance. 
239  01/2016/CCP/JMR  08/01/2016  Accounting Code for payment of Swachh Bharat Cess 
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