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Notice No



238  17/2015-16/CCP/JMR  22/12/2015  Oral Examination for G-card under regulation 17(3) of CBLR, 2013 to be held on 20.01.2016 
237  VIII/48-94/Cus-T/2014-15  18/12/2015  Customs Notification No. 09/2015-16/CCP/Jamnagar 
242  VIII/48-01/T/Misc/2014-15  16/12/2015  Shifting of Office 
233  16/2015-16/CCP/JMR  16/12/2015  Simplification of procedure in drawing samples of imported petroleum Crude Oil for testing. 
232  15/2014-15/CCP/JMR  15/12/2015  Classification of parts of submersible pumps for availing drawback 
236  VIII/48-132/Cus-T/2014-15  04/12/2015  Customs Notification No. 08/2015-16/CCP/Jamnagar 
235  VIII/48-132/Cus-T/2014-15  04/12/2015  Customs Notification No. 07/2015-16/CCP/Jamnagar 
234  VIII/48-132/Cus-T/2014-15  04/12/2015  Customs Notification No. 06/2015-16/CCP/Jamnagar 
231  VIII/48-27/CUS-T/2013-14  24/11/2015  Constitution of (i) Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee (ii) Watch Dog Panel Committee (iii) Public Grievance Redressal Committee for year 2013-14 
230  VIII/48-138/CUS-T/2015-16  19/11/2015  Partial Modification of Public Notice No. 05/2014-15/CCP/JMR 
229  14/2015-16/CCP/JMR  17/11/2015  Declaration of intent under MEIS Scheme 
228  VIII/48-05/Cus-T/2014-15  27/10/2015  Customs Notification No. 05/2015-16/CCP/Jamnagar 
227  13/2015-16/CCP/JMR  21/10/2015  Designation of Central Public Informatiom Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the RTI, 2005 
226  12/2015-16/CCP/JMR  20/10/2015  Notice for Customs Broker Examination. 
225  05/2014-15/CCP/JMR  08/10/2015  Amendment to Public Notice No. 05/2014-15/CCP/JMR dtd. 12.12.2014. 
224  11/2015-16/CCP/JMR  05/10/2015  Declaration of Result of Written Examination for G-Card held under regulation 17(3) of CBLR, 2013. 
223  10/2015-2016/CCP/JMR  05/10/2015  Service Centre at Customs EDI site. 
222  08/2015-16/CCP/JMR  19/08/2015  Application for Empanelment of Chartered Enginner and Valuer for validation of second hand machinary and other goods 
221  07/2015-16/CCP/JMR  19/08/2015  Regarding Export of Carpets 
241  09/2015-16/CCP/JMR  18/08/2015  Integration of SEZ online with Customs EDI Systems (ICES). 
219  06/2015-16/CCP/JMR  13/08/2015  Procedure for issuing identity card in Form F, G &H to the employees of Customs Brokers under regulation 17(7) of CBLR 2013 - m/r. 
220  05/2015-16/CCP/JMR  06/08/2015  The Department is recieving a Large number of request for amendment in the shipping bills 
217  VIII/48-21/CUS-T/2015-16  29/04/2015  Setting up of Customs Clearance Facilitation Committee (CCFC) 
218  VIII/48-27/CUS-T/2013-14  28/04/2015  Constitution of(i) Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee(ii) Watch Dog Panel Committee(iii) Public Grievance Redressal Committee for the year 2013-14 
216  VIII13-01/Cus(T)/CB/2015-16  23/04/2015  Customs Broker Examination under Regulation 17 of CBLR,2013 
213  VIII/48-180/CUS-T/2014-15  27/03/2015  Simplification of Customs procedures for shipping 
212  VIII/48-180/CUS-T/2014-15  27/03/2015  Merging of Commercial invoice and packing list 
215  VIII/48-180/CUS-T/2014-15  27/03/2015  Re-export of Goods imported under bonafide mistake 
214  VIII/48-180/CUS-T/2014-15  27/03/2015  Export and Import of Currency 
211  05/2014-15/CCP/JMR  03/03/2015  Procedure for issuance of license for Private Boned Warehouse u/s 58 of the Customs Act, 1962 
210  07/2014-15/CCP/JMR  22/01/2015  Amendment to Public Notice No. 19/2007-08/CCP/Jamnagar dated 13.02.2008 regarding issuance of laminated photo identify cards to fisherman 
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