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Notice No



181  15/2012-13CCP/JMR  29/11/2012  Measures for promoting cost efficiency of imports by indian trade and industry-m/r 
180  14/2012-13/CCP/JMR  29/11/2012  Clearance of Containers and imported goods-m/r. 
179  13/2012-13/CCP/JMR  29/11/2012  Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Programme for implementation - Revised Guidelines-m/r. 
178  12/2012-13/ccp/jmr  10/10/2012  All Industry rates for Duty Drawback 2012-13-m/reg. 
177  11/2012-13/CCP/JMR  10/10/2012  Grant of exemption from furnishing Security/Bank guarantee by Central/State Government undertakings for storing sensitive goods in private bonded warehouses-m/reg. 
176  09/2012-13/CCP/JMR  16/08/2012  24x7 Customs Clearance Operations-m/r. 
175  08/2012-13/CCP/JMR  04/07/2012  Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right To Information Act, 2005-m/r. 
174  07/2012-13/CCP/JMR  15/06/2012  Procedure followed for import of Indian Vessels and filing Import General Manifest, Bill of Entry-M/reg. 
173  06/2012-13/CCP/JMR  14/06/2012  Representation for increase in the number of designated banks for e-payments of Custom Duty-m/r. 
170  05/2012-13/CCP/JMR  22/05/2012  Shifting of office premises of Customs House, Vadinar-matter regarding. 
171  03/2012-13/CCP/JMR  18/05/2012  SMTP Processing through EDI Version 1.5 -m/r. 
172  04/2012-13/CCP/JMR  17/05/2012  Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights on Imported Goods- Clarification on the issue of Parallel Imports-m/r. 
169  02/2012-13/CCP/JMR  01/04/2012  Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) for Import under the Export Promotion Scheme such as VKGUY, FMS and FPS-regarding 
168  01/2012-13/CCP/JMR  01/04/2012  Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Imports facility extended to Non-ACPs under the 100% EOU scheme-m/r. 
167  35/2011-12/CCP/JMR  30/01/2012  Custom House Agents Examination under Regulation 19 of CHALR,2004 
166  34/2011-12/CCP /JMR  19/01/2012  Refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4% CVD) in terms of Notification No. 102/2007-Customs dated 14.09.2001- M/reg. 
165  33/2011-12/CCP /JMR  04/01/2012  All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2011-12 - M/reg. 
164  32/2011-12/CCP /JMR  04/01/2012  Implementation of ‘On Site Post Clearance Audit’ - M/reg. 
163  31/2011-12/CCP /JMR  04/01/2012  Removal of Ban on export of Onion - M/reg. 
162  30/2011-12/CCP /JMR  04/01/2012  Voluntrary payment of duty before final assessment - M/reg. 
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