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Notice No



161  29/2011-12/CCP/JMR  03/11/2011  Special CHA Written Examination for grant of CHA licence under CHALR, 2004 to the candidates who have already qualified under Regulation 9 of CHALR, 1984 reg______ 
160  28/2011-12/CCP /JMR  24/10/2011  Compulsory Pre-shipment inspection and certification of certain commodities under the Export (Quality Control and Inspection)Act, 1963, Prior to export - M/reg. 
159  27/2011-12/CCP /JMR  21/10/2011  Re-Export of goods imported under reward schemes and DEPB Re-credit of duty - M/reg. 
158  26/2011-12/CCP /JMR  13/10/2011  Export of Pan Masala-Gutkha packed in plastic sachet by 100% EOU -Application of provisions of Plastic Waste Management and Handling Rules, 2011 - M/reg. 
157  25/2011-12/CCP/JMR  26/09/2011  All Industry Rates Of Duty Drawback, 2011-12-M/reg. 
156  24/2011-12/CCP/JMR  21/09/2011  Export of Non-Basmati Rice,Wheat and Onions-M/reg. 
151  23/2011-12/CCP/JMR  12/09/2011  Custom house agents examination under regulations 19 of CHALR, 2004 
155  22/2011-12/CCP/JMR  06/09/2011  Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right to Information Act, 2005. 
154  21/2011-12/CCP /JMR  02/09/2011  Issue of Custom House Agent Licence Reference from field formations - M/reg. 
153  20/2011-12/CCP /JMR  02/09/2011  Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) programme for implementation - M/reg. 
152  18/2011-12/CCP /JMR  17/08/2011  Reports of illegal imports of pesticides by some traders - M/reg. 
149  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 17/2011-12/CCP/JMR  02/08/2011  Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right to Information Act, 2005. 
148  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 12/2011-12/CCP/JMR  06/07/2011  Import of hazardous waste under Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary ) Rules, 2008 - M / reg. 
150  12/2011-12/CCP /JMR  06/07/2011  Import of hazardous waste under Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary) Rules, 2008 - M/reg. 
146  Public Notice No. 11/2011-12/CCP/JMR.  30/06/2011  Issue of Custom House Agent License- Reference from field formations-M/reg. 
147  Public Notice No. 10/2011-12/CCP/JMR.  30/06/2011  Monitoring of fresh Fruit and Vegetable Import from Europe for E.Colli bacterial contamination-M/reg. 
144  Public Notice No. 08/2011-12/CCP/JMR  30/05/2011  Implementation of 24X7 operation at sea ports of Okha and Sikka- reg. 
143  Public Notice No.07/2011-12/CCP/JMR  19/05/2011  Project Imports Regulations, 1986 (PIR) Instructions -M/reg. 
142  Public Notice No.06/2011-12/CCP/JMR  19/05/2011  Courier Imports and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Regulations, 2010-M/reg. 
140  Public Notice No.05/2011-12/CCP/JMR  10/05/2011  Constitution of Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee for the Year 2011-12- M/reg. 
139  Public Notice No.04/2011-12/CCP/JMR  10/05/2011  Constitution of Watch Dog Panel for the Year 2011-12- M/reg. 
138  Public Notice No.03/2011-12/CCP/JMR  10/05/2011  Constitution of Public Grievance Redressal Committee for the Year 2011-12- M/reg. 
141  Public Notice No.03/2011-12/CCP/JMR  10/05/2011  Constitution of Public Grievance Redressal Committee for the Year 2011-12- M/reg. 
136  Public Notice No.02/2011-12/CCP/JMR  25/04/2011  Compliance of DGFT Notification No. 44 (RE- 2000)/1997-2002 dated 24.11.2000 - Labelling of goods in bond prior to Ex- bond clearence- M/reg. 
137  Public Notice No.01/2011-12/CCP/JMR  25/04/2011  Implementation of ' Self- Assessment ' in Customs-M/reg. 
126  Public Notice No. 52/2010-11/CCP/JMR  25/03/2011  Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) in Imports-reg. 
133  Public Notice No.51/2010-11/CCP/JMR  24/03/2011  Applicability of indirect taxes on packaged software-M/reg. 
132  Public Notice No.50/2010-11/CCP/JMR  24/03/2011  No drawback on the goods exported to Nepal which were imported into India from third countries-M/reg. 
125  Public notice No. 49/2010-11/CCP/JMR  14/03/2011  Designation of central public information officer(CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right to information Act , 2005 
131  Public Notice No.48/2010-11/CCP/JMR  09/03/2011  Compliance of International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM-15) in respect of wood Packaging material by exporters- M/reg. 
134  Public Notice No.47/2010-11/CCP/JMR  09/03/2011  Execution of a common Bond for specified Export Promotion (EP) schemes- M/reg. 
129  Public Notice No.46/2010-11/CCP/JMR  28/02/2011  Refund of 4% CVD(SAD)- Extension of time up to 30th June, 2011 for using re-credited 4% CVD(SAD) amount in DEPB- M/reg. 
128  Public Notice No.45/2010-11/CCP/JMR  28/02/2011  Intellectual Property Rights(Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007- instructions for implementation-M/reg. 
127  Public Notice No.44/2010-11/CCP/JMR  23/02/2011  Customs duty exemption benefit to BCCI-M/reg. 
123  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.43/2010-11/CCP/JMR  04/02/2011  Computerized Processing of Bills of Entry under the Indian Customs EDI System - Imports (ICES - 1.5) at PIPAVAV PORT. 
124  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.42/2010-11/CCP/JMR  03/02/2011  Procedure regarding Transfer/Transhipment of Cargo-M/reg 
122  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.41/2010-11/CCP/JMR  27/01/2011  Export of handicraft and artware items under Drawback Schemes-M/reg. 
121  Public NOTICE NO.40/2010-11/CCP/JMR  27/01/2011  Norms for Execution of Bank Guarantee in respect of Advance Authorization /Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) /Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) Schemes- M/reg 
120  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.39/2010-11/CCP/JMR  27/01/2011  Status of Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) as National Sports Federation / Apex Body for the game of Cricket- M/reg. 
119  Public Notice No.38/2010-11/CCP/JMR  12/01/2011  Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009 M/reg. 
118  Public Notice NO.37/2010-11/CCP/JMR  10/01/2011  Import of edible / food products M/ reg. 
117  Public Notice NO.36/2010-11/CCP/JMR  10/01/2011  Classification of Polyester Bonded Fabrics and other Bonded Fabrics M/reg. 
116  Public Notice NO.35/2010-11/CCP/JMR  10/01/2011  Provisional release of export - goods detained for investigation M/reg 
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