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Notice No



66  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.28/2009-10/CCP/JMR  17/12/2009  Procedure and guidelines for import of diamonds for certification and grading and re-export thereof - Matter regarding. 
65  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.27/2009-10/CCP/JMR  17/12/2009  Setting up Private/Public bonded warehouse for diamonds and gemstones for import and re-export therefrom - Matter regarding. 
70  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.26/2009-10/CCP/JMR  09/12/2009  Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right to Information Act, 2005. 
69  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.25/2009-10/CCP/JMR  09/12/2009  Designation of Central Assistant Public Information Officer (CAPIO) in CBEC under the Right to Information Act, 2005. 
68  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.24/2009-10/CCP/JMR  27/11/2009  Implementation of certain provisions of the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Transboundary ) Rules,2008 inrespect of import of paper, paper board and paper product wastes. 
64  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 23 /2009-10/CCP/JMR  20/11/2009  Shifting of office premises of Custom House, Sikka. Matter regarding 
72  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.22/2009-10/CCP/JMR  06/11/2009  --- 
63  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.21/2009-10/CCP/JMR  04/11/2009  Re-Export of goods imported under reward schemes which are defective or unfit for use Re-credit of duty-. Matter regarding. 
62  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.20/2009-10/CCP/JMR  28/10/2009  Guidelines for compounding of offences under Customs Act, 1962. Matter regarding. 
61  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.19/2009-10/CCP/JMR  28/10/2009  Export against supply by Nominated Agencies- procedure and guidelines. Matter regarding. 
60  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.18/2009-10/CCP/JMR  28/10/2009  Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), 2009-14. Matter regarding. 
59  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.17/2009-10/CCP/JMR  28/10/2009  Misuse of circular No.74/2002-Cus dated 8th November, 
58  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.16/2009-10/CCP/JMR  28/10/2009  Powers of adjudication of the officers of Customs. 
57  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.15/2009-10/CCP/JMR  09/09/2009  Use of duty free raw material for capital goods manufactured 
56  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 14/2009-10/CCP/JMR  03/09/2009  Procedure for direct supply by intermediate supplier to the port for export by ultimate supplier - matter regarding 
55  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.13/2009-10/CCP/JMR  19/08/2009  : Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate Authorities in CBEC under the Right to Information Act, 2005. 
54  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.12/2009-10/CCP/JMR  12/08/2009  Addition of data field regarding ‘customs notification number’ for transmission of data to DGCI&S - Matter regarding. 
53  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.11/2009-10/CCP/JMR  27/07/2009  --- 
52  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.10/2009-10/CCP/JMR  23/07/2009  Grant of All Industry rate of duty drawback to merchant 
51  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.09/2009-10/CCP/JMR  22/06/2009  -- 
50  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.08/2009-10/CCP/JMR  11/06/2009  Implementation of provisions of Phytosanitary requirements under the Plant Quarantine (Regulation of import into India) Order, 2003. - Matter regarding. 
49  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.07/2009-10/CCP/JMR  29/05/2009  -- 
48  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.06/2009-10/CCP/JMR  22/05/2009  Levy of Interest under Section 47(2) of the Customs Act, 1962 for delayed payment of duty in respect of clearance of goods from a bonded warehouse. Matter regarding. 
47  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 05/2009-10/CCP/JMR  21/04/2009  Levy of additional duty of Customs @ 16 % ad valorem on codeine phosphate and other narcotic drugs imported into India. Matter regarding. 
46  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.04 /2009-10/CCP/JMR  06/04/2009  Constitution of Public Grievance Redressal Committee for the Year 2009-10 – Reg. 
45  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.03 /2009-10/CCP/JMR  06/04/2009  Constitution of Permanent Trade Facilitation Committee for the Year 2009-10 – Reg. 
44  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.02 /2009-10/CCP/JMR  06/04/2009  Constitution of Watch Dog Panel for the Year 2009-10 – Reg. 
43  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.01/2009-10/CCP/JMR  06/04/2009  Handling of Cargo in Customs Areas Regulations, 2009 Notification no.26/2009-Customs dated 17.03.2009 and Circular no.13/2009 dated 23.03.2009. Matter regarding. 
42  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.31/2008-09/CCP/JMR  30/03/2009  Clarification on levy of National Calamity Contingent Duty (NCCD) on Cellular / mobile Phones on the basis of MRP/Retail Sale Price. Matter Regarding 
41  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.30/2008-09/CCP/JMR  24/03/2009  Applicability of notification no. 41/2005-Cus to the goods imported against the credit Scrips issued under para 3.8.6 of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) (2008-09) under Vishesh Krishi Gram Udyog Yojana (YKGUY) scheme. 
40  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.29/2008-09/CCP/JMR  13/03/2009  Certification of invoices for supply of goods from DTA to EOUs for claiming deemed export benefits. 
39  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.28/2008-09/CCP/JMR  09/03/2009  Amendment of Public Notice No. 11/2008-09/CCP/ JAMNAGAR dated 24.09.2008 in respect of Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) in CBEC under the Right To Information Act, 2005. 
38  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.27/2008-09/CCP/JMR  04/03/2009  Clarification in respect of quantum of Bond and Bank Guarantee (BG) under Advance Authorization and Export Promotion Capital Goods Schemes – Matter regarding. 
36  PUBLIC NOTICE No. 23 / 2009  03/03/2009  PUBLIC NOTICE No. 23 / 2009 
37  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.26/2008-09/CCP/JMR  02/03/2009  Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA) Scheme - availment of facility under rule 18 (rebate of duty paid on materials used in the manufacture of resultant product) or sub-rule (2) of rule 19 of the Central Excise Rules, 2002 or Cenvat credit under CENVAT Credit Rules, 2004 under Notification number 40/06-Cus dated 1.5.06 - reg. 
35  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.25/2008-09/CCP/JMR  25/02/2009  Clarification on admissibility of benefit of exemption in respect of “Virgin Olive Oil” under Notification No. 21/2002-Customs dated 01.03.2002-Matter regarding. 
34  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.24/2008-09/CCP/JMR  24/02/2009  Procedure relating to sanction and pre-audit of refund claims, Matter regarding. 
33  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.22/2008-09/CCP/JMR  18/02/2009  Procedure to be adopted for refund of 4 % Special Additional duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No.102/2007-Customs dated 14.09.2007. Matter regarding. 
32  PUBLIC NOTICE NO.21/2008-09/CCP/JMR  06/02/2009  Systems Alert for Monitoring Realization of Export Proceeds in EDI-Matter regarding 
31  20/2008-09/CCP/JMR  22/01/2009  Examination norms for goods exported under Reward Schemes- Matter regarding. 
30  19/2008-09/CCP/JMR  06/01/2009  Import of toys-Compliance with labelling requirements under Standards of Weights and Measures (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 1977- Instructions. 
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