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Notice No



29  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 18/2008-09/CCP/JMR  16/12/2008  A website of Customs (Preventive) Commissionerate Jamnagar is officially hosted on internet with effect from 08/12/2008 under the domain http://jamnagarcustoms.gov.in. 
28  PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 17 /2008-09/CCP/JMR 15.12.2008  15/12/2008  Computation of value under section 14 for levy of export duty- reg. 
27  16/2008-09/CCP/JMR  05/11/2008  Clarification regarding computation of average level of Exports under Export Promotion Capital Goods Scheme (EPCG) in case of Premier Trading Houses (PTH) -Matter regarding. 
26  15/2008-09/CCP/JMR  05/11/2008  Modification in procedure regarding registration of account for enabling payment of drawback into the exporters bank in any core banking enabled bank/branch across the country. -Matter regarding. 
25  14/2008-09/CCP/JMR  30/10/2008  Procedure for conducting examination under Regulation 19 (3) and issuing of Identity cards under Regulation 19(6) of CHALR 2004 to the employees of Custom House Agents m/r 
24  13/2008-09/CCP/JMR  27/10/2008  Clarification on refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs (4%CVD) in pursuance of Notification no.102/2007-Customs dated 14.09.2007- -Matter regarding. 
23  12 /2007-08/CCP/JMR  08/10/2008  Examination under Regulation 8 of the Custom House Agents Licencing Regulation 2004 m/r 
22  11 / 2008 09 / CCP / JAMNAGAR  24/09/2008  Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) and Appellate authorities in CBEC under the Right To Information Act, 2005. 
21  10/2008-09/CCP/JMR  10/09/2008  All Industry Rates of Duty Drawback, 2008-09 
20  09/2008-09/CCP/JMR  01/09/2008  Procedural requirement for obtaining Export Authorisation Registration of raw cotton (lint), cotton waste (including yarn waste and garneted stock), cotton, carded or combed, with the Textile Commissioner, Mumbai, prior to shipment in terms of Notification no.26 (RE-2008)/2004-2009 dated 22.07.2008 of Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, issued under the Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009. 
19  08/ 2008-09/CCP/JMR  25/08/2008  Shifting of office Building of Customs House Vadinar:- Matter regarding 
18  07/ 2008-09/CCP/JMR  11/08/2008  Non availability of benefits under Advance Authorisation / DFIA Scheme against exports of non-basmati rice 
17  06 / 2008-09/CCP/JMR  16/07/2008  Issues relating to classification of Large Format Printers reg 
16  05 / 2008-09/CCP/JMR  02/07/2008  Shifting of office Building of Customs House Jamnagar:- Matter regarding 
15  04 / 2008-09/CCP/JMR  17/06/2008  Issues of Photo Identity Card in form H to employee of Custom House Agent under regulation 19(6) of CHALR 2004-m/r 
14  03/ 2008-09/CCP/JMR  26/05/2008  Procedure for conducting examination under Regulation 19 (3) and issuing of Identity cards under Regulation 19(6) of CHALR 2004 to the employees of Custom House Agents 
13  02/ 2008-09/CCP/JMR  14/05/2008  Collection of Double Cess on exports of agro products 
12  01/ 2008-09/CCP/JMR  02/05/2008  Procedure to be adopted for refund of 4% Additional Duty of Customs in pursuance of Notification No. 102/2007 - Customs dated 14-9-2007 
11  24/2007-08/CCP/JMR  10/03/2008  Office will remain open during office hours on all Saturdays till 31.03.2008. 
22/2007-08/CCP/JMR  19/02/2008  Levy of Light - dues under The Lighthouse Act, 1927 
21/2007-08/CCP/JMR  19/02/2008  Verification of Clearance Certificate from MMD, Kandla/Jamnagar for single voyage to IV barges, Towing, Grain loading and for the detained vessels prior issuing the Port Clearance. 
10  23/2007-08/CCP/JMR  14/02/2008  Importability of Restricted Goods under the Served from India Scheme (SFIS) and other Schemes under Chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) - Reg. 
19/2007-08/CCP/JMR  13/02/2008  Addendum to Public Notice No. 45/2005-06/CCP/JAMNAGAR dtd. 01.02.2006 regarding issue of creek passes to fishing crafts, trawlers etc. and laminated photo identity card to the crew members & captains (Tindel); regarding 
20/2007-08/CCP/JMR  08/02/2008  Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules, 2007 - Instructions for implementation 
18/2007-08/CCP/JMR  01/02/2008  Corelation of Technical Characteristics, Quality and Specification of the Inputs with the Export Product under DFIA Scheme. 
16/2007-08/CCP/JMR  30/01/2008  Eligibility of shank buttons, snap fastners (snap buttons), Zippers etc. for benefit under notification No. 21/2002-Cus, Sl. No.140,167,167A and 167B regarding. 
15/2007-08/CCP/JMR  30/01/2008  Misuse of Target Plus Scheme (TPS) Scope and Coverage of Goods to be imported under TPS regarding. 
14/2007-08/CCP/JMR  22/01/2008  Grant of Exemption from furnishing Bank Gurantee by Central / State Govt. Undertakings for inter-city transfer of goods from one bonded warehouse to another regarding. 
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